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Umbrella Phone Card & Umbrella Calling Card

Umbrella Phone Card
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  Umbrella Phone Card Description

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  Umbrella Calling Card Features

dot  3 minute rounding

dot  24 hours flat rate

dot  Expire 6 months after first use

dot  For pinless dialing, speed dial setting, etc press 99# after entering your pin and follow instruction

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  Umbrella Prepaid Phone Card Calling Instruction

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  Umbrella Phone Card Access & Customer Service Numbers

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  Umbrella International Prepaid Calling Card Rates

Country Connection Fee Rate Per Minute
Note: Minute rate for calling card changes very frequestly in Australia. The above rate we posted for Umbrella Phone Card may not be correct anymore. You can call the customer service to make sure that the rate posted are correct.
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  Umbrella Card Terms & Conditions

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